Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Growing up we always made an Easter tree, Mum would take us for a walk and we'd find a spidery branch to drag home and paint or decorate, then she'd stand it in a large vase and we would decorate it with ribbons, bows, eggs, anything really. 
It's things like that from childhood you end up remembering so now I'm a mother I've started to do it with my girls, plus it's an excuse to make ceramic eggs!!

This is the start of this years, here is some of the eggs I made and this is before the kids have had a go at it. We found a large brach and sprayed it with some left over gold paint, when we tried to stand it my vase it kept toppling to one side so I decided to break it down into a few shorted branches. 

All finished! It's a little busier than I would have made it, but the kids are thrilled and it does bring some much needed spring cheer to our living room. 

Now the sales bit....

I have added some eggs to my easy shop, Cariad Clay just in case you want to make your own Easter tree...