Wednesday, 17 August 2011


My family have been camping in the same field for over 40 years now
we always go for the August bank holiday
I have such fond memories of going there as a child :)
we used to play in the river all day, collect fire wood, go for walks or go apple/plum picking
then in the night we'd all sit around a huge campfire, toast marshmallows and sing, mostly Welsh rugby songs :)
It is a tradition that I am so pleased to be able to share with my daughters :)

So every August bank holiday you will find us in a little village called Hoarwithy near Ross on Wye

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Now above you may have noticed i said field not campsite that is because this is proper camping :) Just a field with a tap at the top, you have to bring everything!
This fills most people with horror until I say that no toilets/showers means no roads so i know my kids are safe :)

Here is the field, Beautiful :)

The drip that I am lol means i forgot to take a picture of the tent!! i know!!
(I will take one when we go for the bank holiday in a few weeks!)

But i did take one of our "Tardis" Toilet tent :)

Anyway back to my favourite field :)

Here is the river where we swim, fish or canoe :)

From the field across the river is one of my favourite views ever, the church at Hoarwithy

when the sun starts to go down the fire is lit :)

My girls cwtching by the fire

Beautiful sunset

Great fire! where's the marshmallows?

Here they are!!!

What more could you want? :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hunting for Fairies

So it's the school holidays and the kids are getting restless! 
It was such a lovely day so we went for a walk to look for fairies
I live in Cwmcarn which has the wonderful Forest Drive with miles of walks over a beautiful mountain

The view up the valley :)

This Tree and ferns looked so pretty! 

We didn't find any fairies :( 

But Looking at these you could almost believe they were there hiding :)

The kids certainly believed they were there.............somewhere :)

They had lots of fun looking!

We did find some fariytale looking mushrooms

Lots of fun! and it didn't cost a thing :)